KUALA LUMPUR: The Kuala Lumpur High Court has ruled that the current composition of Caley Holdings Bhd's board of directors will remain the same as that prior to the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) convened on June 15, 2022.

In a statement issued late Wednesday, the lingerie maker said the court directed that the status quo shall remain until a hearing scheduled on Aug 3, 2022.

This comes following a new lawsuit filed by plaintiffs Leong Seng Wui, Kok Kwang Lim and Valhalla Capital Sdn Bhd, who had sought to declare as valid an EGM to remove eight directors from the company's existing board.

“For now, the board will continue to run the company,” said Caely group executive chairman Datuk Loh Ming Choon.

According to the statement, the company had on the same day of the EGM announced that the said meeting was adjurned on various grounds, including ongoing litigation cases as well as being sub-judice as it interfered with the reliefs sought at the KL High Court by the company.

On June 16, 2022, the board of directors also lodged a police report against Leong Seng Wui, Kok Kwang Lim and Valhalla Capital Sdn Bhd for alleged wrongdoing for calling for the EGM despite knowing there were on-going litigation cases.

The current eight members of Caely’s Board of directors are:

Datuk Loh Ming Choon, group executive chairman Datuk Sri Sin Hock Min, executive director Wong Siaw Puie, executive vice chair lady Khoo Chen Yeng, executive director Datin Fong Nyok Yoon, non-executive director Datuk Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria, independent director Ng Mei Choo, independent director Datuk Koh Mui Tee, independent director

In an unrelated development, the company announced the appointment of Mohd Zakie Soad as company secretary with effect from June 21, 2022, to replace Tan Tong Lang who resigned from the position on June 17, 2022.

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